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45SPS Camera Body


The camera is designed for commercial and architectural photographers with a lens vertical shift movement of 40mm (±20mm).

The 45SPS can accept any Graflex film holder as well as a Polaroid film backs. Fotoman has designed a sliding back to accept adapters for H, V, Contax and Mamiya mounts for both film and digital backs.

The Fotoman 45SPS camera accepts large format lenses ranging from the widest 47mm to 150mm. With the exceptional quality of large format lenses (either handheld or mounted on a tripod) the Fotoman 45SPS will produce very sharp images with incredible tonal range and depth of field. Focusing is done with the use of the Fotoman Helical Focusing Mount or the ground glass.

Camera Type: 4x5 Point & Shoot Camera with Shift Movement
Formats: 4” x 5” or 6x12cm; 6x9cm or according to CCD sensor size
Focus Method: Helical Focus Mount or Ground Glass
Viewfinder: 120 degree with Interchangeable Masks
Camera Adpters: Hasselblad, V, H and Mamiya Mounts
Usable Film Backs: 4x5 Filmholder, Polaroid, Fuji Quickload
Usable Digital Backs: Hasselblad, Phase One, Leaf, Mamiya
Lens Mount: Current Fotoman Helical Focus Mount (Copal 0#, Copal 1#)
Shift Movement: Vertical 40mm (±20mm)
Material: 6061T Aluminum Alloy
Body Dimensions: 260mm x 190mm x 120mm
Weight: 1.62kg (Not including Back or Lens Cone Assembly)


This list is a comprehensive list however there may be additional lenses that can be adapted to this camera.  Lenses with flange focal distances that are between 59mm and 252mm can be adapted to this camera.


Unique lenses, that we do not have technical data relating to the flange focal distance, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct or most accurate information.  Calibration issues as they relate to the flange focal distance and this technical data will not result in refunds or discounts.


If  a unique lens is supplied to Fotoman Professional to adapt to a cone assembly it is the responsibility of the customer to pay shipping of the lens to Fotoman Professional offices.

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